Saturday, July 17, 2010

Self Dedication

This is an entry that I typed on my computer the day/night of my self dedication.

Everything is together.. I have been prepared for quite sometime.. I thought I was going to have to wait until the next new moon, but everything that I was missing just fell into place.. It was meant to be tonight!! I was in need of an athame and a chalice... Well, I was in my storage shed today and there it was sitting right on top of a box... my athame!! I have had this for a few years.. I just bought it because of the scarab and egyptian carvings on it.. never really had a purpose for it.. I hadnt even thought of it in years... well, there it was.. right in front of me.. i opened it up, and it was double edged... I said, yes my athame, you found me!! This whole time I was looking and you were here all along just waiting for the right time to reveal yourself!! And, Also yesterday I was in the thift store with my husband to look at movies and someting told me to go to housewares.. I usually avoid the knick knack section because of the visions that I often get from touching things... Well, I was drawn that way yesterday... and low and behold there it was sitting on the first shelf I walked to.. a silver chalice!!! And when I touched it, I felt nothing but love.. I think it was from a wedding bc of the since of love and joy that i felt through it!! So, I have to 2 pieces that I was missing =) Of course my besom is made by hand, as well as my pentacle/alter cloth.. I have a beautiful bamboo mat that i painted a pentacle on with black paint... Im going to decorate it later when I get some Ideas for it, but hey.. we all gotta start somewhere.... Oh, and I almost forgot.. I had to come back and add this... I wasnt missing it, but I found an inscense burner right there by the chalice!!!!! Oh, I had to have it!! It was sooo perfect!!! Tonight will be my first circle cast and my dedication... I havent wanted to perform any sort of anything, circles, ect... untl my self dedication... so, tonight, i will cast my 1st circle, do my self-dedication, and bless my tools in the name of the god and goddess.... Ohhhhhh Its a blessed blessed exciting night!!!!

BLESSED BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After an hour I am finished!! I feel wonderful.. I feel like there is peace and love and energy coursing through my body... I'm smileing, I can't stop smileing... I dedicated myself, I blessed all of my tools, and I blessed my book of shadows.. I was so nervous about casting and releasing the circle, but it went so smoothly!! Except for when my finger went into my fire element candle =) Wow, is all I can say.. that was wonderful =)
My alter for that night.

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