Saturday, July 17, 2010

Repetative Dream

I keep having this dream.. Its happened 3 times!! In my dream I find a baby!! The 1st time I had the dream, I was shopping for furniture, and opened up and chest of drawers and there was a beautiful baby girl, so weak and fraile that she couldnt even cry... I took her home, cleaned her, clothed her, fed her, and loved her, and then I woke up.. The second time I had the dream, I was living somewhere (not this place), and I opened my door and found a baby on my doorstep, also a girl, then After I took the baby inside and got her clean and fed, and then I woke up,.. Last night, the 3rd dream... lasted allllll night long!!! In the dream I was going to a friends, and saw a grocery bag on the side of the road moving.. I stopped thinking it was a cat or something and it was a baby boy!! I got him, took him with me to my friends, washed him, clothes him, fed him, borrowed some formula and baby things from her to last until the next day... went home told my husband, and family.. then next day we went to the court house and started the adoption process... then I woke up... I know that doesnt sound like an all night dream, but thats just a summary of it!!

Now, I have predicted every single pregnancy of mine.... I have four living children, and have experienced multiple miscarriages.. and I have also predicted the pregnancy of every close friend of mine.. all through my dreams... However in the dream I or them are always either pregnant or giving birth!! Also in my divination dreams I feel the emotions.. I mean the emotions still carry with me all through the next day and sometimes the next after I wake up... Pregnancy is not all I have predicited.. and My dreams have never been wrong once... I can tell the difference between that and a regular dream bc of the emotions...

This one, however, is driving me crazy!!!! It is coming more frequently now... I am feeling emotions but not as strong as usual! I do want another child, however, the want i dont think would be strong enough to manifest these dreams... Other than that.. it just doesnt seem like one of my typical want dreams, there isjust too much feeling in it!! IDK!! Its driving me nuts... Its like am I supposed to know something, or be prepared for this really happening, or what????? I'm so at a loss on this 1... this is the 1st dream I have had that I didnt know what to make of... My dream interpretation is just at a lost on this 1...

Seeking any other opinions that might give me sum insight!!!

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