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Lammas... SImple Ritual I found =) Thx Mrs B.

Lammas Is tommorrow.  I am up late writing my ritual!!  While I was just doing some research for new ideas to incorporate I came across this and thought I would share:

A Simple Lammas Ritual for the Busy Domestic Witch

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

By Mrs. B

For many domestic witches, finding time to celebrate the sabbats can be a challenge, even in the summer months. Between keeping the little witchlets busy and out of trouble, or schlepping them to camps and activities, or just trying to find the time to do all the usual things we have to do between work and home, finding time to fit in a sabbat ritual can be tough!

Many times we forget that honoring the seasons and deity do not have to be a huge celebration, full of casting circles, fancy rituals and huge feasts. Of course the sabbats can be one or all of those things, but do they have to be? Of course not. Honoring the change of season can be as simple as a candle lit, a prayer said, and a toast made. Just 5 minutes out of your day to reconnect with your beliefs, your deity and the earth.

For Lammas, I created a simple ritual that can be done alone or with family or friends, with minimal fuss, and in just a few minutes. Of course, feel free to use and/or change the words for your own private use.

Supplies you’ll need:

Bread (Home baked, store bought, heck, a cookie will do in a pinch)

Wine (or beer, mead, fruit juice – you know you have a juice box in there somewhere!)

A candle (A summer color is appropriate: gold or yellow, though white always works. Also appropriate? Anything that smells like baked goods – cinnamon, sugar cookie, etc..)

Optional: anything season that you’d like to set out, such as summer flowers, things harvested from your garden, a corn dolly, etc.), an appropriate incense.

Find a quiet place to sit for a moment, or gather around your table if sharing the ritual with others. Have your bread, wine and candle in front of you (don’t forget something to light the candle with). Take a quick moment to think about what Lammas means to you, and what it has meant to those who have followed the season through times past. It’s the first harvest, time to offer bread in thanks for the prosperity of the crops.
Light your candle (and incense if you are using it). Take a bite of the bread and a sip of the wine.

Say these words (or others, as you like):

On this first day of August, I light a candle to celebrate the harvest.

As the wheel of the year turns and the days start to grow shorter, I honor the Lord and Lady (or the seasons, or your specific deity) and thank them for the blessings and prosperity they have brought to me this year.

I honor those who came before me, and all things living on this earth.

Eat more of the bread, drink more of the wine, being sure to save the last bits as a sacrifice to the earth. Later pour them outside, in your garden, under a tree or into a potted plant.

If you have the time, sit for a few minutes and meditate before snuffing the candle. As you go about your day, keep negative thoughts at bay and try to mentally tally all the wonderful things that have come into your life this year.

Have a wonderful Lammas, however you choose to celebrate!
{ }

Isn't that just wonderful and simple!!!  I had to share it!!!!  Thx Mrs. B for posting that on the net for all to see!!
I will post my ritual, etc..  once I get it written.  I just really wanted to share that =)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Herbal and Plant Correspondences


Apples (dried fruit, leaves or twigs)











Lemon balm


Mandrake root



Orange peels











Cedar chips





Elder leaves and twigs







Poppy seeds

Sesame seeds








Pine cones

Poppy seeds

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds




Apple leaves and twigs

Ash leaves and twigs








Lemon peel


Onion, dried


Rose, white or blue







Good Luck:

Bay Laurel







Poppy seeds


Rowan twigs






Ash twigs

Balm of Gilead


Bay Laurel

Cactus needles







Lemon peel




Pine needles



St. John's Wort



Incense Correspondences

African Violet: Burned for protection and to promote spirituality within the home.

Allspice: Burned to attract both good luck and money.

Aloes: Burned to attract good fortune, love, spiritual vibrations and strength.

Althea: Burned for protection and to stimulate the psychic powers.

Anise seeds: Burned as a meditation incense.

Basil: Burned to exorcise and protect against evil entities and to attract fidelity, love, good luck, sympathy, and


Bay: Burned to facilitate the psychic powers, and to induce prophetic dream visions.

Bayberry: Burned mainly to attract money.

Benzoin: Burned for purification and to attract prosperity.

Bistort: Burned with Frankincense to aid divination.

Bracken: Burned in outdoor fires to magickally produce rain.

Blue Berry - Burn to keep unwanted influences away from your home and property

Blue Roses- Specially crafted to honor the Goddess in all her aspects

Cedar: Burned for purification, to stimulate or strengthen the psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares.

Cinnamon: Burned for protection and to attract money, stimulate and strengthen the psychic powers and to aid in healing.

Citron: Burned in rituals to aid healing and also to strengthen psychic powers.

Clove: Burned to dispel negativity, purify sacred and magickal spaces, attract money, and stop or prevent the spread

of gossip.

Coconut: Burned for protection.

Copal: Burned for purification and to attract love.

Carnations - A sweet floral scent traditionally used for healing

Cherry - Sacred to Venus, this blend will attract and stimulate love

Cinnamon - Use to gain wealth and success

Coconut - Burn for protection and purification

Copal - Sacred to the Mayan and Aztecs, this blend is suitable for honoring the Gods

Damiana: Burned to facilitate psychic visions.

Dittany of Crete: Burned to conjure spirits and to aid in astral projection

Dragon's Blood: Burned to dispel negativity, exorcise evil supernatural entities, attract love, enhance psychic awareness, and restore male potency. Makes all other incenses stronger when added at the same time.

Elecampane: Burned to strengthen the clairvoyant powers and scrying abilities.

Fern: Burned in outdoor fires to magickally produce rain. Also used to exorcise evil supernatural entities

Frankincense: Burned to dispel negativity, purify magickal spaces, protect against evil, aid meditation, induce psychic visions, attract good luck, and honor Pagan deities. Draw upon the energy of the sun to create sacred space, consecrate objects, and stimulate positive vibrations.

Fumitory: Burned to exorcise demons, poltergeists and other evil entities

Frangipani- Burn to brighten your home with friendship and love

Galangal: Burned to break the curses cast by sorcerers.

Ginseng Root: Burned to keep wicked spirits at bay, and for protection against all forms of evil.

Gotu Kola: Burned to aid meditation.

Heather: Burned to conjure beneficial spirits, and to produce rain.

Hibiscus Flowers: Burned to attract love.

Horehound: Burned as an offertory incense to the ancient Egyptian god Horus

Honeysuckle - Burn for good health, luck, and psychic power

Jasmine: burned to attract love and money, and also to induce dreams of a prophetic nature.

Juniper: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers. and also to break the curses and hexes cast by evil


Lavender: Burned to induce rest and sleep, and to attract love

Lilac: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers and to attract harmony into one's life.

Lotus - For inner peace and outer harmony, to aid in meditation and open the mind's eye

Mace: Burned to stimulate or increase the psychic powers.

Mastic: Burned to conjure beneficial spirits, stimulate or increase the psychic powers, and intensify sexual desires. The magickal powers of other incenses are greatly increased when a bit of mastic is added. Mesquite: The magickal powers of all healing incenses are greatly enhanced by mesquite.

Mint: Burned to increase sexual desire, exorcise evil supernatural entities, conjure beneficial spirits, and attract


Myrrh: Burned (most commonly with Frankincense) for purification, consecration, healing, exorcism, and banishing evil.

Musk - Burn for courage and vitality, or to heighten sensual passion

Nutmeg: Burned to aid meditation, stimulate or increase the psychic powers and attract prosperity.

Passionflower - For peace of mind, this sweet scent will soothe troubles and aid in sleep

Patchouli: Burned to attract money and love, and also to promote fertility.

Pine: Burned for purification and to banish negative energies, exorcise evil supernatural entities and attract money.

Poppy Seeds: Burned to promote female fertility, and to attract love, good luck, and money.

Rose: Burned to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and attract love. Rose incense is used in all forms of love enchantment and possesses the strongest love vibration of any magickal incense.

Rosemary: Burned to purify, aid in healing, prevent nightmares, preserve youthfulness, dispel depression, attract fairy folk, and promote restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Rue: Burned to help restore health.

Sandalwood - A delicious all purpose scent used to heal and protect, also for purification

Spice - A fiery scent to be charged for any magick

Spirit - Raise your personal vibration, attract spirit guides and honor your personal deity

Strawberry - For love, luck and friendship

Tangerine - A solar aroma used to attract prosperity

Temple - A devotional incense for the altar during ritual

Vanilla - Stimulate amorous appetites and enhance memory

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It's my Birthday.... U would say boohoo, If u were turning 29 toooooo!!

So, Yesterday was my 29th birthday!!  I have been soooo depressed about turning 29.  This is the last year of my 20s.  And, they have all gone to waste, just like my teen years did!!  Well, no...  I can't really say gone to waste because they were spent raising my 4 BEAUTIFUL children:


However; I suppose that since I have been taking care of my babies since I was 16, that is when I had my 1st, you could say that My youth was stolen...  Even though It was I who chose that path!!  Well, now that I am on my last year of my 20s it is really bothering me.  It started getting to me the day before yesterday(the day before my bday).  I was thinking about how all the other people my age had lived their lives and all the adventures they have had, and the things that they are doing.  It bothers me everytime I get a call saying,"hey u wanna go do something?" and I'm all like,"nope, i dont have a babysitter."  But, I get over it because my kids are more fun anyways.  But, its getting to me to wonder what I have missed....  My life for the past 13 years has centered around my children and my husband!!
I have sooo very rarely taken anytime to myself to do anything for myself.  Now, I am wondering what can I do in the last year of  my 20s to make up for a little lost time.  1st of all...  If I could get the hubby to step up to base and actually watch his children long enough for me to go out some, that would be awesome!!!  I think I will write a spell for that one and ask the goddess to help guide him into feeling the need to spend more time with his children and giving his wife a break, lol!!  I'm serious though..  I'm going to start studying my herb charts and see what all I can use in writing this spell.  I'm willing to try anything that will help at this point.
So, I went out for my birthday last night..  I wanted to leave at like 5pm and then stay out all night, but that didnt happen!!  We had to go register our oldest 1 for school and that took from 1030am til 230pm to get done...  Middle school registration is EVIL!!!  HAHA!!  So, Ricky also had other things to do before we could leave out as well...  He had a clients yard to finish.  So, when we got back from the registration bullshit, he headed to finish his job up and I jumped in the tub and got my curlers put in my hair...  All and all, it was 8pm before we were both finished with everything we needed to do and actually got to leave.  It did feel nice to get dressed up for a change...  I'm always in my house cleaning clothes..  it was nice to have a pretty dress on!!
So, we got gussied up and went out to eat.  We went to this place called the farm buffett...  It was supposed to be a half chinese/half homestyle buffett, but it wasnt.  The sushi sucked..  and the damn waitress would fill my husbands glass everytime she walked past the table, but she never once bothered with mine, and by the end of the meal I was sitting there drinking rickys tea!!  I normally would have showed my ass, but i was soooo pissed about the fact that was going on on my bday that I just kept my mouth shut bc all i could picture was me slamming her head into the wall til I knocked her slanted eyes straight...  uGH!  A woman knows whats going on with that..  That means u have a thing for my husband to the point that u havent even acknowledged my existence...  I'm not fucking stupid just because i'm blonde..  Of course u wouldnt know that because u couldnt see me past your own desire for my husband...  UGh!!  Yea, that bitch didnt get a tip...  except for the note ricky left her on the napkin saying, "TIP:  You should have filled my wife's glass on her birthday", hahahaha!!  I hate dumb Bitches!!!  So, after supper we went to his brothers house and saw him and his wife..  we were there for about an hour.  Then, we stopped by a friends for about 10 min, and then another friends for about 20...  We were home by 11pm on the night of my birthday!!  How lame is that!!!!  We got home, started watching a movie, and well that didnt get finished...  LOL!!  At least I got me sum birthday booty =)  That and the present from the kids(i got a bag full of goodies and a balloon that says happy birthday) was the highlight of my birthday!! 

I still can't believe I'm 29!! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hmmmm... finally!!!

Wow, after going through my personal BOS, i never realized how much of it actually was so "personal".  I guess when it is part of you and you deal with it everyday, you wouldnt really analyze it until you are wanting to put it out there for the world to see.  I have only about 15% that I could share, lol!!  So much for that 80-90% prediction =)  Oh well...  I am now caught up and can now do updated entries...  YAY!!!!

Keep Love Strong Spell

Here is a spell I wrote in June.  This is a simple spell with step by step instructions.  Very Easy for even the newest of witches =)

Keep Love Strong Spell


Supply List:

Basic Alter, Element, Circle, and Ritual Supplies

Wooden Spell box personalized for this spell

Pink or Red Candle

Sachet or fabric and string for herbs (preferably Pink or Red {for love})

Herbs listed (you do not have to use every 1 of them)

Pressed Rose Petals

Small Piece Pink Yarn

Your hair and His hair

A small, square piece of pink paper

A pen

A full moon

Established love

I have prepared all of my things that I needed in advance. I have a small wooden box that I will use for this spell. I have painted it black and wrote Jen and Rick Forever Love on the top around a heart. The top of the box has Runes that I have painted. The runes are as follows: (you can always used different ones, but these are great to use.)

Used to prevent anger and to avoid wrath

For protection

Balanced Joy

the one on the top left.. love charm from a woman to a man


One on the Left maintain a lasting relationship. One on the Right For happy Marriage and family

Also, I wrote on the box in Runic form: Keep Our Love Strong. I lined the box in dark red sateen.

I will also use herbs for this spell. I will make a sachet of herbs to keep in the box and I will burn some in a PINK CANDLE(represents love) as well. The Herbs that I will use are as Follows:

ALLSPICE-- used for protection. Prosperity good luck & healing

BASIL-- use it for Protection in business, prosperity & loving relationships.

CINNAMON-- Good for lust, success, & money.

CLOVE-- Use for healing, protection, calming.

CUMIN- - For love, protection and loyalty.

GINGER-- Very Energetic. Use for Love and prosperity.

JASMINE- Very tranquil, use for love, & prosperity.(If Jasmine cannot be found alone, Jasmine Tea is fine as well)

PARSLEY-- Good for Lust & fertility, prosperity & protection.

ROSEMARY-- Use for increased Memory, healing, love, protection and mental strength.

The Ritual

To begin, mark the four points of a magick circle with the four elements at their corresponding cardinal points. You will place dish of salt at the North, for earth; an incense cone or feathers at the East, for air; a red candle at the South, for fire; and a dish of water at the West, for the element of water. In addition, when I performed this ritual, I had my Book of Shadows resting on my bookstand in the middle of the circle(if u do not have a book stand, just keep it beside you in view or in front of you, which ever feels more comfortable). You should also have your alter set up as usual But you must also have hairs, herbs, and other supplies for this ritual close to hand.

Light the candle and incense.


Take up the besom and walk counter-clockwise around the circle sweeping from the center outward to cleanse the circle of negative energy. Recite this chant as you sweep from the center of the circle outwards:

"Sweep out evil, sweep out ill, Where I do the Lady's will. Besom, besom, Lady's Broom, Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom.

Witch's broom swift in flight, Cast out darkness, bring in light. Earth be hallow, air be pure, fire burn bright, as water cures.

A sacred bridge this site shall be, As I will, so mote it be."


Pick up the athame and draw an invoking pentagram in the air above the altar. Replace the athame and say this invocation:

"Blessed Be, Instruments of Light, Tools of magick with power and might."


Hold your hand over each of the four Altar Elements and say for each one:

"Element of (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), I cleanse and consecrate thee in the names of the Lord and Lady. I bring their blessings upon you now. So mote it be."

Pass your hand over the element 3 times to banish, and then hold your hand steady to bless. Visualize a sparkling light surrounding and infusing the element. Take up that element and go once clockwise around the circle. While walking, disperse the element while reciting the corresponding blessing below:

"Powers of (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), this circle grace. Purify, cleanse, and bless this space."


Take you athame to your chest and say:

I conjure thee, Circle of art,

The veil between the worlds to part;

Round and round the circle is bound,

That within protection shall be found.

Contain the power raised within,

Until I set it free again;

In the name of the Lord and Lady,

As I will so mote it be.

Then, cast the circle,

Face north. Hold your athamé or wand out at waist level. Walk clockwise thrice around the circle perimeter charging it with this chant.

Recite one verse for each of the three circles:

1. Round and Round the Circle's Cast, Joining Present, Future and Past

A Sacred Place, A World Apart, Where Powers Merge and Magick Starts.

2. Round and Round the Circle's Cast, Joining Present, Future and Past

This Sacred Space shall now be Bound, As I cast this Circle Round.

3.Round and Round the Circle's Cast, Joining Present, Future and Past

Thrice is the Circle cast this Night/Day and now begins my Magick Rite/Way."

Once the circle has been cast, salute in the following way:

Take up athame and point it to the sky, while saying, "As above..."

Then lower athame to point it at the ground, while saying, "So below."


Starting in the North and moving clockwise around to the West, light the corresponding elemental candle, and then invoke the quarter:


Spirit of Earth, your child invites you here.

Come from the mountains of midnight, with new strength and vigor appear.

You are the field of my pleasure, you are the source of my might.

Spirit of Earth, keep me strong through my rite.


Spirit of Air, your child invites you here.

Come on the winds of the sunrise, give me your vision so clear.

You are the gentle spring breezes, you are the glory of flight.

Spirit of Air, keep me wise through my rite.


Spirit of Fire, your child invites you here.

Come with your blazing noon passion, banish all sorrow and fear.

You are the flickering candle, you are the bonfire bright.

Spirit of Fire, keep me brave through my rite.


Spirit of Water, your child invites you here.

Come on the waves of the sunset, bring to me joy and good cheer.

You are the well of deep comfort, you are the crashing waves height.

Spirit of Water, keep me sure through my rite.


I call upon Mother Earth, Goddess of the Moon, and the Father of the Heavens to descend

Upon this circle & to lend Your energies to this rite And grant success unto my plight.


Pour some wine into the libation dish and say, "To the Lord and Lady!"

Fill the altar goblet with wine. Hold up the altar goblet and say, "I drink to the God and Goddess."

Take a sip from the goblet, and say, "Blessed Be."


You now must prepare your box for spell work by blessing it. While standing at your alter: open the lid of the box, exposing it to the full moon.

With it raised say: I prepare this box for the use of magick.

Walk to the north and say: By the powers of the Earth…

Walk to the east and say: By the powers of the Air…

Walk to the south and say: By the powers of Fire…

Walk to the west and say: By the powers of Water…

Return to your alter and raise the box once again and say: I empower this spell box, you are now a tool of magic. Assist me in my workings!

Bless the box

“I call upon the Lord and Lady,

Please be present here with me;

As I dedicate this tool to you,

And to the work with it it’ll do”

Starting in the North and ending in the West, hold the object over the element and say:

“From the

(North, East, South, West)) the element of

(Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

now cleans,

This spell box for positive means.

Go back to the alter and raise the box and say:

This box will be used to keep my love alive. He loves me and I love him, and by our love we shall abide.

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water,

Come to me and do not falter;

I ask that you now come together,

Your energies here, & this spell box bless.”

Now that your spell box is ready, you can start your Ritual.


Start by saying: I called the powers here tonight to aid in my need of keeping my marriage strong. We love each other dearly, though I fear we cannot do it alone.

Light the pink ritual candle and say: This candle represents our love that burns for one another.

Take the ALLSPICE, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: For protection of our love, Prosperity in our life together, and healing of any pain that we have or may cause each other.

Take the BASIL, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: For a loving relationship.

Take the CINNAMON, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: To keep us lusting for one another.

Take 2 CLOVES, add 1 your cauldron, & 1 to the burning candle and say: To help keep us calm toward one another.

Take the CUMIN, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: For protection of our love against outside influences.

Take the GINGER, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: To keep our love energetic towards one another.

Take the JASMINE, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: To keep our love tranquil, and our sexuality alive.

Take the PARSLEY, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: To aid us with fertility if we decide to have another child.

Take the ROSEMARY, add a pinch to your cauldron, & a tiny sprinkle to the burning candle and say: To help us remember all of the good times that we have shared and the reason that we are still in love.

Now that you have all of the herbs in the candle you can leave it alone and let it burn it’s magick through the remainder of the ritual. You will now take your athame and blend your herbs together in your cauldron. While doing so say: I blend these herbs to help keep our love strong in all aspects. You will say this 3 times. Now that the herbs are blended, you will take a pinch and put it into your offering bowl and say: For the God & Goddess to aid in your love as well as mine.

You will now get your hair, your lover’s hair, and your small piece of pink yarn. You will now unravel the yarn into 2 pieces. Place your and your lover’s hair together with the string. You will now wind it back together by tieing it in knots until it is a ball.  As you are doing so you will say:

I bind the two of us together to keep our love strong forever.

Be us ever lovers closely wound together

Sharing our lives, hopes, wishes and dreams

Treasured to each other we are destined

Lovers always we will be for eternity!

Now that your hair is bound in the yard with theirs and these words have been said, place the yarn/hair in the cauldron with the herbs. As you mix this with the herbs you will say:

My love we two are lovers many years

We have found a comfortable place with each other Through the years.

I want to rekindle the days of youth When we burned for each other

Each kiss electricity, each touch a melting sensation

Make our love eternal and great and like that forever.

Leave the yarn/hair in the cauldron to absorb the essence of the herbs.

You will now take you piece of small, pink paper and your pen. You will fold it in half and open it back up. On 1 side of the fold you will write your full, given, name 3 times. You will then turn it and write your partners full, given name 3 times. You will then fold it back together, seal it with wax from your pink ritual candle and say:

May we be beside each other forever as our names will be.

You will then stick this paper in the sachet/fabric. You will then take the yarn/hair and put it in as well. You will take your cauldron and pour the herbs in the sachet/fabric. Set your cauldron down then they are all in. Tie it up and say: I bind these things together so that they may work for my purpose. Now set the sachet/fabric down on the alter and get your spell box and your rose petals. You will put the rose petals into the bottom of the spell box and say:

I add these rose petals to represent our bed of love.

Blow our your pink ritual candle and pass the sachet through the smoke

You will then place the sachet/fabric on top of the rose petals and put the extinguished ritual candle. You will now write what you want out of this spell on a red piece of paper and put it in the box and then close the box. Raise the box and say:

These rites I have performed to help keep our love strong. As I will it, so mote it be.

You may now set the box on the alter.

Place your hands on the box and envison what you are here to accomplish and let your energy and the power of your words flow into the box.


Take up the plate with the cakes and say "May I never hunger." Take a bite, and then say, "Blessed Be."

Take up the wine and say "May I never thirst." Finish the wine in the chalice and then say, "Blessed Be."

Now say:I thank you for allowing me to love, and be loved. I ask now that you assist me in keeping this love strong.


Starting in the North, and moving counter-clockwise around the circle to the East, go to each element candle and say the following release:


Strong One, I bid you now hail and farewell.

Go by the powers that brought you, Go by the unweaving spell.

As thy bright pentagrams fade, Depart, 'ere the circle is gone.

(Blow out the Northern element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)


Sure One, I bid you now hail and farewell.

Go by the powers that brought you, Go by the unweaving spell.

As thy bright pentagrams fade, Depart, 'ere the circle is gone.

(Blow out the Western element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)


Brave One, I bid you now hail and farewell.

Go by the powers that brought you, Go by the unweaving spell.

As thy bright pentagrams fade, Depart, 'ere the circle is gone.

(Blow out the Southern element candle before proceeding to the next quarter)


Wise One, I bid you now hail and farewell.

Go by the powers that brought you, Go by the unweaving spell.

As thy bright pentagrams fade, Depart, 'ere the circle is gone.



"I give thanks to the Lord and Lady for guarding my circle and joining my rite. Hail and farewell."

Extinguish the alter candle.


Circle of art open wide

The realms of man & spirit divide;

Round and round now be unbound

Energy sink into the ground.

Let us now return again,

To time & place that are the same;

Take the Athamé or Wand and retract the energy of the circle back into yourself moving widdershins beginning in the north around to the east using the following chant:

1."Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.

I now Dissolve this Sacred Space and send all Powers back to place.

2.Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.

Stay if you can, Go if you must, with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

3.Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.

My Work is finished for the Night/Day and now I End my Magick Rite/Way."

Once the circle is closed, say the following salute:

"The circle is open, but unbroken."

Litha 2010

Entry for 6/21/2010
Rick joined in on my Litha Ritual tonight.  Yes, my christian husband joined me, OH THE JOY OF IT!!  He banished some negativity in his herbs and then burnt them.  I asked for help with Attitude, Temper, Patience, and Love.  I'm not sure what he banished, and i'm not going to intrude.  The energy afterwards was amazing.  And the goddess put her blessings on our house.  There was an undescribable sweet smell that lingered for hours as a sign of her blessings...  I'm so full right now!!  My cup runneth over!!

Entry 7/6/2010

Finally a dream!!

Last night I dreamed that we moved back into our old house and we had people living in campers in our back yard that wouldnt leave us or our stuff alone, they wouldnt stay out of our house, they were using our kitchen..  It was just a very annoying dream!!

And, now as I write this I believe I have a meaning for it:  We are currently working on our house.  The ceiling and roof caved in so we are staying in a trailer in my parents back yard..  I'm thinking this might be how they feel..  Awww, i'm sad for them.  I know how I felt in my dream!!  I'm going to try to do something extra nice for them =)

Entry 6/4/2010

I am throwing this into the universe tonight...  I will myself to dream!!

Tarot on my dreams:

Give me insight on my dreams.
Star Spread

Cards that fell out:  King of Cups-- master your emotions to be the visionary
                             The High Priestess (reversed) -- uncertainty

Cards in layout:  1. 2 of Cups
                         2. Princess of Wands (reversed)
                         3. King of Wands (reversed)
                         4. 6 of Wands
                         5. 10 of Wands
                         6. 7 of Swords
                         7. King of Wands

Interpretation:  Laugh, Love, define goals, Avoid Distractions, pace yourself, get rid of negativity, don't be a show off, master emotions, anxiety and worries...

I so get this!!  Define my goal to dream...  Dont be distracted by my wants, I am digging too deep because I want it so bad.  That is where the master my emotions comes into play.  And I have been axious and worrying about this...  This makes me feel better!!

Entry 6/30/2010

Last week I had a dream that ended up being significant..  Well, it may have been two weeks ago that I had the dream.  I dreamed that Tom, whom we havent seen in almost 2 years was in my back yard.

Well, today guess who was working on the house across the street...  TOM!! 

Maybe I should stop passing the dreams that seem to be just wants to me off as just that and wait and see if they do come to be..  I'm bad about that!!  Although I do love the surprise when It comes to pass.  Yea, if i'm anticipating it wont be as exciting =)

Entry 6/23/2010

I haven't been dreaming here recently, and I don't know why...

Entry for 7/3/2010

Lord, Lady
God, Goddess
Love, & Light...

Guide me through this
I cast out the darkness
I ask you to bring in the light!

Love and Light
Guide me away from my plight!
As I will this, so mote it be!!

Moods... 6/30/10

Entry from 6/30/2010  12:30pm
I am in a horrible mood today!  I can feel it from the depths of my soul.  I just want to scream.  Rick woke up like that to.  He's been bitchy since his feet hit the floor.  IDK what's wrong with us today.  Burning sum inscence...  Maybe that will help!!
My mood never improved today...  It was an emotional rollercoaster all day long!!
I wonder what I have done to generate so much negative energy around us!!  I'm going to think about this 1 long and hard because this just does not feel right!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Older Posts Submitted... Check!!

Ok, I have posted a few of the older posts that I had saved on my computer..  I will go through my BOS tomorrow and post sum more =)

Repetative Dream

I keep having this dream.. Its happened 3 times!! In my dream I find a baby!! The 1st time I had the dream, I was shopping for furniture, and opened up and chest of drawers and there was a beautiful baby girl, so weak and fraile that she couldnt even cry... I took her home, cleaned her, clothed her, fed her, and loved her, and then I woke up.. The second time I had the dream, I was living somewhere (not this place), and I opened my door and found a baby on my doorstep, also a girl, then After I took the baby inside and got her clean and fed, and then I woke up,.. Last night, the 3rd dream... lasted allllll night long!!! In the dream I was going to a friends, and saw a grocery bag on the side of the road moving.. I stopped thinking it was a cat or something and it was a baby boy!! I got him, took him with me to my friends, washed him, clothes him, fed him, borrowed some formula and baby things from her to last until the next day... went home told my husband, and family.. then next day we went to the court house and started the adoption process... then I woke up... I know that doesnt sound like an all night dream, but thats just a summary of it!!

Now, I have predicted every single pregnancy of mine.... I have four living children, and have experienced multiple miscarriages.. and I have also predicted the pregnancy of every close friend of mine.. all through my dreams... However in the dream I or them are always either pregnant or giving birth!! Also in my divination dreams I feel the emotions.. I mean the emotions still carry with me all through the next day and sometimes the next after I wake up... Pregnancy is not all I have predicited.. and My dreams have never been wrong once... I can tell the difference between that and a regular dream bc of the emotions...

This one, however, is driving me crazy!!!! It is coming more frequently now... I am feeling emotions but not as strong as usual! I do want another child, however, the want i dont think would be strong enough to manifest these dreams... Other than that.. it just doesnt seem like one of my typical want dreams, there isjust too much feeling in it!! IDK!! Its driving me nuts... Its like am I supposed to know something, or be prepared for this really happening, or what????? I'm so at a loss on this 1... this is the 1st dream I have had that I didnt know what to make of... My dream interpretation is just at a lost on this 1...

Seeking any other opinions that might give me sum insight!!!

Witch's Survey

Do you have a magickal name?

Jemma Moon L@@@@ -- Didnt put it all in there bc of values

Does it have a special meaning?

J is from Jennifer, my name given by my adoptive parents, emma is my birthname given to me by my birth mother, they are together as 1 in my magickal name.

Moon is because I am a moon ruled spirit, and the moon has ALWAYS called to me

and the last part of my name means rebirth, and a spiritual journey.. also the way it is spelled makes makes my numerology of my life path and magickal name the same.. 3

How did you find Wicca/Paganism?

I was always interested in it. It was like it called to me, especially with my psychic gifts. I was looking for a way to enhance what I had, and to fill a spiritual gap. I found that all in this path

How long have you been practicing?

I have been studying it off and on since I was a teen, but only practicing for a few months

Solitary or group practitioner?

Solitary, but I occasionally work with another solitary

What is your path?

I am an eclectic way I can describe it! <

Are you out of the broom closet?

With friends, and my husband, but not family... I love my parents but they are extremely christian and I respect that, although I know they would not respect my spirituallity. I choose my battles, and try to avoid turmoil.


I relate more with the greek gods and goddesses.

Who are your patron Gods?

Zeus, Poseidon, & Apollo

Who are your patron Goddesses?

Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite, Artemis, & Athena

Do you fear dark aspects of the Gods/Goddess, or rather, respect them?

I repect the dieties. I don't believe they want our fear, rather our respect. With respect for their gifts and wishes we have no need for fear.

Do you worship the Christian God?

I was raised christian and I do not agree with their interpretation of god. I do not believe in a jealous god, i'm sorry. That just is the 1st of many disagreements I have with their portrayal.

Do you ever worship animals? Or plants?

No neccessarily worship, but HONOR is a better word. everything in this universe has a purpose and we should honor that purpose, whether it be the chair that we sit in, the dish we use to eat, of the pen we use to write, we should honor the objects and what they do for us, not take them for granted.


Do you regularly commune with nature?

Oh YES!!!

Ever walked barefoot in the woods?

I'm always barefoot. I love shoes but never keep them on =)

Taken a camping trip just to talk to nature?

YESYESYES, In the middle of the woods on the creek bank is the best place todo so.

Describe the moment you felt closest to Mother Earth?

The moment that I became a mother

What is/are your power animal(s)?

Seal, Lemur, Kangaroo... for this year

Do you have a familiar?

My familiar was my cat Grim. He connected to every aspect of me, and he chose me, i did not choose him. However, with our current living situation I had to leave him with my husbands aunt. She thinks he went looking for me and got lost because no one can find him. I love you my baby where ever you are. I know you found someone that loves you.

Have you ever called upon the powers of an animal in ritual? Or a plant?

I suppose you could say plant because I use herbs.

Do you hug trees?

I more stroke and rub than hug

Give them gifts?

Oh Yes !!

What is your favorite flower to work with?

I don't have a favorite to work with, althouh my fav flowers are lillies and orchids

What is your favorite tree to work with?


Wheel of the Year

What are your favorite holidays?

I really love them all but if have to choose I will say: Litha, beltane, and Samhain

What if your least favorite holiday?

I dont have one

Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday?

most definitely

Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a pagan holiday?

No, I haven't needed too.<

Do you celebrate Yule on the 21st rather than the 25th?

Yes, the 21st... My oldest daughter was born on Yule

Have you ever felt the Veil thin?

Oh yes

Ever danced the Maypole?

No i havent, but hopefully I will get the chance

Know what the Maypole symbolizes?

Yes.To my understanding -- Fertility

Ever made love on Beltane?

Probably, lol

How do you usually celebrate the pagan holidays?

Well, Usually with a ritual and celbration designated to each holiday


Do you use Tarot?

Yes, I am learning tarot as we speak

Do you use runes?

That is next on my list to learn. I am thinking of making my own out of oak. I do use them to portray to purpose on spell boxes that will never be reused. I feel they keep the purpose of my spell from straying when the items are boxed and sealed.

Do you use a pendulum?

Not as of yet...

Do you use dowsing rods?

No, but I want to try them

Do you use astrology?

I am learning astrology and numerology. I want a better understanding of the universe

Any other form of divination?

My dreams. I have had them since I was a young child. I hold my dreams above all else. I also do smoke scrying, and I am concentrating on water scrying as well.


What was the first spell you did?

Banishing of Negativity

What was the latest?

To keep my marriage strong from outside influences

Ever done a love spell?

Well, maybe you can classify my "keep our marriage strong" spell as a love spell, but other than that no, and I honestly dont classify that as a love spell because we have been together 13 years and the love is already there

A job spell?

no, but plan on doing one very soon.

A healing spell?

to heal my inner self

What was the most powerful spell you've ever performed?

I'm not really sure.. prob the spell of healing for my spirit. I have felt quite a bit better since then.


Do you believe in Vampires? Werewolves? Shape shifters? Elves? Faeries? Dragons? Nymphs? Sprites? Mermaids? Sirens? Satyrs?

Shape shifters, Elves, faeries, nymphs, sprites, sirens, satyrs... I believe that most of these are in a different deminsion and chose whom they reveal themselves to. Vampires, I know there are people that drink blood, but i'm not quite sure of the immortal aspects of vampirism, werewolves, maybe, idk.. I never say never... Dragons I love dragons, but i unfortunately believe they have been banished from existance...



Ever "seen" any of the above?


Ever talked to any of the above?

Yes I speak to the spirit i my house everytime I am going to change something. I call it "fred". and I left it know what is going on.

Ever called on any of the above in magick?


Do you have one of them as a personal guardian?

I'm not sure about my personal guardian as of yet


Do you see a rabbit, a man or a woman in the moon?


Own a cat?

not right now. we moved and my baby ran away from family in search of me

When you meditate what does your sacred/safe place look like?

a lagoon surrounded by willows and bluegrass, water lillies, cat tails..

Do you work with Chakras?

kind of

Do you believe in soul mates?

i really do

Ever met one?


Do you have a Spirit guide?

i'm not sure

Is it always love and light?

not always, but i do try to keep it that way