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Lammas... SImple Ritual I found =) Thx Mrs B.

Lammas Is tommorrow.  I am up late writing my ritual!!  While I was just doing some research for new ideas to incorporate I came across this and thought I would share:

A Simple Lammas Ritual for the Busy Domestic Witch

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

By Mrs. B

For many domestic witches, finding time to celebrate the sabbats can be a challenge, even in the summer months. Between keeping the little witchlets busy and out of trouble, or schlepping them to camps and activities, or just trying to find the time to do all the usual things we have to do between work and home, finding time to fit in a sabbat ritual can be tough!

Many times we forget that honoring the seasons and deity do not have to be a huge celebration, full of casting circles, fancy rituals and huge feasts. Of course the sabbats can be one or all of those things, but do they have to be? Of course not. Honoring the change of season can be as simple as a candle lit, a prayer said, and a toast made. Just 5 minutes out of your day to reconnect with your beliefs, your deity and the earth.

For Lammas, I created a simple ritual that can be done alone or with family or friends, with minimal fuss, and in just a few minutes. Of course, feel free to use and/or change the words for your own private use.

Supplies you’ll need:

Bread (Home baked, store bought, heck, a cookie will do in a pinch)

Wine (or beer, mead, fruit juice – you know you have a juice box in there somewhere!)

A candle (A summer color is appropriate: gold or yellow, though white always works. Also appropriate? Anything that smells like baked goods – cinnamon, sugar cookie, etc..)

Optional: anything season that you’d like to set out, such as summer flowers, things harvested from your garden, a corn dolly, etc.), an appropriate incense.

Find a quiet place to sit for a moment, or gather around your table if sharing the ritual with others. Have your bread, wine and candle in front of you (don’t forget something to light the candle with). Take a quick moment to think about what Lammas means to you, and what it has meant to those who have followed the season through times past. It’s the first harvest, time to offer bread in thanks for the prosperity of the crops.
Light your candle (and incense if you are using it). Take a bite of the bread and a sip of the wine.

Say these words (or others, as you like):

On this first day of August, I light a candle to celebrate the harvest.

As the wheel of the year turns and the days start to grow shorter, I honor the Lord and Lady (or the seasons, or your specific deity) and thank them for the blessings and prosperity they have brought to me this year.

I honor those who came before me, and all things living on this earth.

Eat more of the bread, drink more of the wine, being sure to save the last bits as a sacrifice to the earth. Later pour them outside, in your garden, under a tree or into a potted plant.

If you have the time, sit for a few minutes and meditate before snuffing the candle. As you go about your day, keep negative thoughts at bay and try to mentally tally all the wonderful things that have come into your life this year.

Have a wonderful Lammas, however you choose to celebrate!
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Isn't that just wonderful and simple!!!  I had to share it!!!!  Thx Mrs. B for posting that on the net for all to see!!
I will post my ritual, etc..  once I get it written.  I just really wanted to share that =)

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