Saturday, July 17, 2010

Intro to My Blog

Well, I figured I would take this opportunity and write a little intro to my Blog.  My blog is called "& The Moon Called To My Soul".  My blog is used as my virtual Book of Shadows so that someone else may benefit from the knowledge that I have obtained.  I will not include everything that is in my personal BOS because somethings are just personal.  But, this will include a large portion of my personal book of shadows.  A BOS is where a witch keeps a journal of his/her thoughts, feelings, dreams, tarot(some do), divinations, spells, rituals, etc...  A person's BOS is a collection of works that grows throughout the years.  You can learn alot about a person through their BOS.  A copy of ones BOS us usually passed down from teacher to student, or through families.  They contain ethics, laws, and education texts as well as personal doings.  Most are handwritten, but in today's age people are getting more modern with their BOS.  This is my attempt at that, hence my virtual Book Of Shadows =)  Enjoy & Remember...  I am a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan/Witch.  Eclectic means that I do not follow one particular path or set discipline.  I incorporate many different things into my spirituality.  Some people will believe different things than I do according to their path and teachings.  That is the beauty of this spiritual path...  Its about you, and what feels right to you and no one else!=) 

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