Friday, July 23, 2010

It's my Birthday.... U would say boohoo, If u were turning 29 toooooo!!

So, Yesterday was my 29th birthday!!  I have been soooo depressed about turning 29.  This is the last year of my 20s.  And, they have all gone to waste, just like my teen years did!!  Well, no...  I can't really say gone to waste because they were spent raising my 4 BEAUTIFUL children:


However; I suppose that since I have been taking care of my babies since I was 16, that is when I had my 1st, you could say that My youth was stolen...  Even though It was I who chose that path!!  Well, now that I am on my last year of my 20s it is really bothering me.  It started getting to me the day before yesterday(the day before my bday).  I was thinking about how all the other people my age had lived their lives and all the adventures they have had, and the things that they are doing.  It bothers me everytime I get a call saying,"hey u wanna go do something?" and I'm all like,"nope, i dont have a babysitter."  But, I get over it because my kids are more fun anyways.  But, its getting to me to wonder what I have missed....  My life for the past 13 years has centered around my children and my husband!!
I have sooo very rarely taken anytime to myself to do anything for myself.  Now, I am wondering what can I do in the last year of  my 20s to make up for a little lost time.  1st of all...  If I could get the hubby to step up to base and actually watch his children long enough for me to go out some, that would be awesome!!!  I think I will write a spell for that one and ask the goddess to help guide him into feeling the need to spend more time with his children and giving his wife a break, lol!!  I'm serious though..  I'm going to start studying my herb charts and see what all I can use in writing this spell.  I'm willing to try anything that will help at this point.
So, I went out for my birthday last night..  I wanted to leave at like 5pm and then stay out all night, but that didnt happen!!  We had to go register our oldest 1 for school and that took from 1030am til 230pm to get done...  Middle school registration is EVIL!!!  HAHA!!  So, Ricky also had other things to do before we could leave out as well...  He had a clients yard to finish.  So, when we got back from the registration bullshit, he headed to finish his job up and I jumped in the tub and got my curlers put in my hair...  All and all, it was 8pm before we were both finished with everything we needed to do and actually got to leave.  It did feel nice to get dressed up for a change...  I'm always in my house cleaning clothes..  it was nice to have a pretty dress on!!
So, we got gussied up and went out to eat.  We went to this place called the farm buffett...  It was supposed to be a half chinese/half homestyle buffett, but it wasnt.  The sushi sucked..  and the damn waitress would fill my husbands glass everytime she walked past the table, but she never once bothered with mine, and by the end of the meal I was sitting there drinking rickys tea!!  I normally would have showed my ass, but i was soooo pissed about the fact that was going on on my bday that I just kept my mouth shut bc all i could picture was me slamming her head into the wall til I knocked her slanted eyes straight...  uGH!  A woman knows whats going on with that..  That means u have a thing for my husband to the point that u havent even acknowledged my existence...  I'm not fucking stupid just because i'm blonde..  Of course u wouldnt know that because u couldnt see me past your own desire for my husband...  UGh!!  Yea, that bitch didnt get a tip...  except for the note ricky left her on the napkin saying, "TIP:  You should have filled my wife's glass on her birthday", hahahaha!!  I hate dumb Bitches!!!  So, after supper we went to his brothers house and saw him and his wife..  we were there for about an hour.  Then, we stopped by a friends for about 10 min, and then another friends for about 20...  We were home by 11pm on the night of my birthday!!  How lame is that!!!!  We got home, started watching a movie, and well that didnt get finished...  LOL!!  At least I got me sum birthday booty =)  That and the present from the kids(i got a bag full of goodies and a balloon that says happy birthday) was the highlight of my birthday!! 

I still can't believe I'm 29!! 

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