Monday, April 9, 2012

& These r the white trash days of our life.... Update!!

I'm @ wrk, wishing I was @ home in the bed...  I am so tired after this past week & weekend.  I worked overtime on Friday and then was kept out all night Friday night until 4am Saturday morning.  I then turned back around and was up@ 8 on Saturday and took the kiddos to the beach...  Just getting there was an adventure all in it's own, first of all because I took Ricky with me, second of all because it takes an act of congress to get anything done with my family, lol!!  Needless to say, I am burnt, lil Leo is burnt, and Ricky was a little red.  We got back from the Beach Saturday and proceeded to do all the running around that we had to do..  Then Sunday (yesterday) more running...  Ricky is driving my daddy's little spyder, just like mine but white...  we didnt have that car 15min yesterday when we had to go to the store and this crazy bitch ran a redlight, did an illegal u-turn, came across 2 lanes of traffic, and ran us off the road!!  Of course we chased her down to where she was going, and her excuse was that she just had so much on her mind.  I was like woman how much could you possibly have on your mind that you ran us off the road with kids in the car.  I said, "The fact that your like 40yrs old is the only thing that is keeping me from whooping your ass, so you need to have that on your mind for the rest of the day".  I was livid!!!  I soooo wanted to rip her out of that brand new red lexus she was driving and beat her to a pulp up against it.  I mean it was almost like she did it on purpose.  She was paying absolutely no attention!!  If we hadnt reacted as quickly as we did, she would have smacked the crap out of the drivers side of the car.  Ohhh I didnt calm down from that for quite a while...  Yesterday was running around to.  I basically had no rest all week or weekend...  I'm tired as I can possibly b, sitting here @ wrk & trying to hold my eyes open is not very easy.  I have already had a cup of coffee and I know that if I drink any more I will be like a rabbit on crack, and that is not a good feeling, hahahahaha!!  So, Since I am doing everything I can to stay awake I figured that I would update my blog.  I had been doing the whole mobile thing, and apparently nothing that I had wrote posted.  That really erks me to because I had some amazing spur of the moment poetry, and now it's lost because the blogger mobile system apparently sux!!  I don't have internet @ home, so I was posting that way...  It's not fair :-(  Those things that I posted were really important to me...  Oh well, Thats the way the cookie crumbles as usual, in my life anyways, lol!!  Nothing every goes right...  Seems like the harder you try the more it screws up..  But, whatever, keep trying..  life goes on!!  So, update on the Mikey situation...  Which I had already done, but It did not post...  He is still a drunk POS...  He is living on my parents property because he had threatened to blow up my house and everything...  My dad dragged him over there because he said it would give me more peace and still help the idiots poor sweet momma out...  But, now he is paid off, I owe the POS nothing...  He is driving my daddy crazy and my daddy is about to get rid of his POS self...  Daddy is sick of his drunk, lazy crap...  same mess I was putting up with...  I just dont see how someone can live so care free off ppl and not even care of have any sort of respect for them!!  Rick whooped his ass back in August, and we are waiting til he is off my parents property and Ricky is gonna get him again...  He has been going around running his mouth and all kinds of shit..  He was told time and time again to stay away from our kids, and still hasnt..  He flips us off when he passes us on the rd...  He does this all for spite because he know that my daddy told us that while he was on that property we had to leave him alone because he didnt want any drama over there.  Seriously... not being able to get someone that threatened your life and the life of your children, is just not fair!!  The cops did absolutely nothing...  This POS threatened to blow up my house with me and the kids in it, numerous times...  He also threatened to blow his own mothers brains out, but yet he is still walking around free and fine...  He is at my dad's because my daddy feels that he can control the situation and keep me out of jail because he knows what i will do to this POS!!  He just dont know...  When He finally gets this POS off his land, which should b in the next month or so, It is onnnnnn!!!  My daddy is still trying to help this boys mother out, but yet his mother is doing nothing to help out my daddy & that bitch is loaded....  But what the hell ever!!  It's almost over with!!!  This entire situation has made this the longest year of my life and I am so freaking over it!!  I have never truely hated someone... But, I absolutely HATE this POS!!  I wish that I could take the time and describe everything that has gone on, because it goes wayyy beyond what I have written, but I dont have that kind of time.. We were the only friends that ever stuck by this guy for 10 yrs and then he betrayed us!!  And that betrayal and drama has turned into hate and loathing.  It will be all over soon and I will never have to deal with him again...  If i pass him on the rd I can just go on about my business happily as can be because I will know that he is out of my life and I wont even have to care.  Ugh!!  Ok, this is enough of my rambling...  Just wanted to update... 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

UPDATE FOR 7/17/11

Ok, so...  We are finally moved in our new place!!  Woo Hoo!!  Now, if I could get rid of all the drama that involes the POS that we are buying it from, it would be all good!!  I can't wait to get that bastard paid off and out of my life!!!  See, we are allowing him to live on our property in a camper until he is paid off...  I am paying his fucking bills and I have to look at his little sardine can everytime I walk out my front door!!  He is a drunk, jobless piece of shit that needs to get the fuck up out of my life before I flip for real!!  I mean seriously, the drama that comes with this guy is unfucking real!!!  He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and threw a fit with his momma and daddy everytime something didn't go his way, oh and with his ex wife to, and he thinks he can do this with me to...  I go news for you budreau, I am not ya momma, not ya daddy, and sure nuff not ur wife!!  I don't deal well with fit throwing!!  My own husband doesnt throw lil fits with me because he knows I can throw a bigger one, that usually includes throwing objects, not just a fit....  I'm biting my tounge and trying to be nice, but its just really hard when you are supporting someone that dont give a shit about anything but himself.  I mean, this guy has 3 kids and does nothing at all for them because he wants to hurt his ex wife...  he drinks all day everyday, and gets so drunk that he cant remember knocking on my door at 330 in the am and waking me up when I had to be up for wrk at 530!!  UGH!!!  IDK, you know, I thought that once we got the trailer moved and got moved in and everything things would start looking up, but we have just piled more shit on top of us by moving him onto our property as well....  we were just trying to help him out but it is biting us in the ass!!!  IDK!!  BLAH!! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time... is not on my side!!

I have been so insanely busy lately.  Time has definitely not been on my side!!  Have you ever noticed that when you have nothing to do time just creeps by, but when your life is a whirlwind mess it just flies by and you never have enough time to get everything done & even what you have managed to get done does not seem like an accomplishment because you still have so much more left to do??  I'm so like this...  have been for months!!  I haven't had time for much of anything!!  All I do is work, eat, shit, and sleep!!  I'm so over this routine!!  I need some diversity in my life!!  I am not one to live a stagnant life, and this is really starting to get to me!!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but it is time for a vacation.  I need to be able to just up and go...  throw caution to the wind, and take off somewhere!!  I hear the train going at night in the distance...  the sound of the wheels roaring across the track, and the whistle's long sweet sound is driving me mad because I am not as free as I once was, free to go as I please...  Free to pass through the night like that whistling train.  But, If you think about it...  The train is not really free, it is only able to go where the tracks take it...  I suppose that is the way I have ended up lately, bound by my endless schedule of work and sleep!!  I am nothing more than a sleepy train passing through this life...  It's time to break free from that!!  I need to jump the tracks and go on an adventure!!!  I think I am going to take off the week of my birthday!!  I am at work and I went ahead and put in the request as I have been typing this...  I asked for July 18th thru July 24th off, My b'day is July 22nd.  This is the 1st time I have been able to write in months as well!!  It's a nice comfortable Saturday at work...  The 1st in a long time!!  I wouldn't say it is slow by no means, I have been writing this off and on since 8:30 this morning, but it's not a bad day...  I have still found time for my self, to write, which is nice!!  Maybe an update??  What's new in my insane life??

Well, Aside from the working, eating, and sleeping that have led to a feeling of being stagnant I have a lot of exciting things going right now!!  I recently purchased a car...  My poor little saturn went crappola on me!!  I went almost 2 months without a way to go and I finally had the down payment for another car.  I got a Mitsubishi Spyder Convertible.  It is BRIGHT red, with a black convertible top.  Believe it or not, I can SMUSH all four kids into the back seat, haha!!  But, now my worst half's truck and car both are broke down, so whatever...  If we didn't have bad luck we wouldnt have any at all!!  He and I haven't been fighting as much lately.  He is actually showing a lil more appreciation for me and the things that I do for him..  Although, I haven't really been home so who knows...  when I am home, I sleep, lol!!  So, We are also in the middle of buying a new Home!!  It is something we can add on to, It will be nice when we are finished!!  Bad thing is:  The guy we are buying it from never cleaned so it was NASTY!!  We have gotten most of it clean though!!  We still have to paint it, the walls are horrindus!!  We also have to get it moved!!  It is soooo stressful!!  And aggrivating!!  And the whole situation makes me wanna cry!!  But, U know what??  It also makes me sooo very happy to know that we are going to be in our own place again!!  It has been soooo long!!  We haven't had our own place since 2007!!  I mean, we own land, but the house is in ruins because it is about 200 years old and only 500 square feet...  it didnt even have plumbing until 2000 when we moved in!!  So, since 2007...  well, really and truely 2005 we have been staying with friends and family or renting a place here and there!!  I'm so happy to have something of my own once again!!  I'll post pics once we get it moved and everything painted etc...  Hell, i might give you some before and after pics...  I should have took some before I we started cleaning it!! 

So I am thinking, Just Maybe, New Car, New house, New way of life!!  It would be so nice to actually have things go my way for a change!!  I know that there is always light after dark, but you know, It would be nice not to be on the dark side of things all the time..  always in dispare!!  Although, I am nocturnal, LMAO!!!  So, yea...  I'm gonna clear the energy out of this place once it is moved and cleaned and painted!!  They lived a bad attitude, drunk, fighting all the time life...  I don't want that energy to mix with ours and cause and explosion!!  We have enough problems as it is without the influences of the residual energy of others!!  So, I have white sage and my smudging shell...  purified water, etc...  I'm going to write a spell, goddess only knows how long this is going to take me, and I'm going to bless and purify our new home...  new home, new energy!!  I am very excited though!!  The kids are just as excited as we are!!  I'll update when I can!! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fed-up with FAT!!!

*****UPDATE 7/17/11*****  Yea, I'm gonna have to get back to ya on this 1, hahaha!!  I haven't had time to diet...  fast food is just that, FAST, and unfortunately not diet friendly!!!

So, I have been struggling with my weight since I had kids.  However, it didn't really bother me too bad...  wasn't skinny, but I grew to like the way I looked.  I was thick, and after a while that began to stick...  I've never been very self concious anyways...  I was in pageants for 16 years, so in my mind I looked good no matter what!!!  Well, Since I started this job in August, I have gained 40 freakin pounds..  and I'm 4 sizes bigger than I was..  I'm flippin fat!!!  And, I'm totally NOT comfortable with this!!!  The stress of work is taking its toll on me!!! 

Well, I'm fed up with this!!!  Nothing I own fits me anymore!!!!  My ass is getting so wide that its taking the length outta my work pants and I look like I'm fat &&&& waiting on a flood!!  I'm so over this shit!!!  I WILL LOOSE THIS!!!  I went and got me sum pills today, and I got a Just Dance game for the Wii...  I hate to exercisem but I love to dance so that will hopefully get me with the exercise part...  Maybe if I stick to that, I'll invest in a wii fit!!!  I am so pissed!!  This is COMING OFF!!!  One way or another it will come off!!! 

I'll keep you posted!!!  And, I know this isn't anything to do with my usual posts, but I had to vent!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

                Live, Laugh, Love…

                                                                       Try to Forgive, but

                                                                             Never Forget!

                                                               Sing as if no one is listening,

                                                            Work as if everyone is watching,
                                                           Make love like you need the money,

                                             Dance Like no one is going to put it on YouTube!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Busy....

I haven't had the chance to Blog in a REALLY long time!!  I've been working my butt off!!  As a matter of fact, I'm @ wrk now...  Shhhhhh, don't tell any1 ;)  So, I started this job on 8/23, and I absolutely love it!!  I am working as a Unit Secrtary in an ICU unit at a local hospital.  Getting my feet wet while I am still in school so that all I have to do is move up, not look for a job =)  So, anyways...  I did a job spell that was amazing the night before my interview...  and honestly I didn't have a chance in getting this job in my opinion.  There were 150 applicants, and they picked me =)  I believe that it was the goddess that intervened and got me this job =)  I will post the spell that I wrote for it when I get the tme to actually do something other than work!!  I bought a new TV with this paycheck...  It felt so good to have money to spend!!!  After being out of work for 2 1/2 years, it feels soooo damn good to be back in the job world.  I miss the kids, but I am loving my new job.  Even though I am so freakin tired, lol!!  I get up @ 5am every morning, get to wrk by 6:15...  I get off @ 7, make it home by 7:45, eat, take a bath, and go my tired ass to bed!!!  Everything is suffering, from my laundry to my facebook, hahahaha...  But, my family is going stronger beause they are not lacking as much as before I got my job.  You know, I always said that I would not support my dead-beat husband again, but you know what...  I refuse to be broke and I refuse to be alone, so it is what it is...  You live and you learn, and you love, even if you do know better than to love the person that is terrible for you.  But, I would rather have a warm body in my bed, and my children with their daddy then nothing at all...  I guess I can just keep wishing and hoping that he will get a job and grow the fuck up!!  He uses his health as an excuse, but get serious!!  My daddy is in horrible health and works his ass off everyday, and is 30yrs older than my husband...  I wish he would learn from example from watching my daddy, but its too far gone!!  Ugh, this was supposed to be a good blog about hw wonderful my new job is and it ended up being a rant about a dead-bead husband.  Oh well, lol!!  At least I feel better about his pos ass now that I got that off my chest!!  Apparently it needed to be said, lol!!!  Peace out ppls....  Promise I'll post that spell when I get the chance =)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Down with the Sickness

Ugh, I'm freakin sick!!  Wish someone would just shoot me and take me outta my misery!!  I been in the bed for 2 days!!!  I feel like I have the freakin flu!!  I'm miserable!!  This sux big floppy donkey dicks!!!!