Monday, April 9, 2012

& These r the white trash days of our life.... Update!!

I'm @ wrk, wishing I was @ home in the bed...  I am so tired after this past week & weekend.  I worked overtime on Friday and then was kept out all night Friday night until 4am Saturday morning.  I then turned back around and was up@ 8 on Saturday and took the kiddos to the beach...  Just getting there was an adventure all in it's own, first of all because I took Ricky with me, second of all because it takes an act of congress to get anything done with my family, lol!!  Needless to say, I am burnt, lil Leo is burnt, and Ricky was a little red.  We got back from the Beach Saturday and proceeded to do all the running around that we had to do..  Then Sunday (yesterday) more running...  Ricky is driving my daddy's little spyder, just like mine but white...  we didnt have that car 15min yesterday when we had to go to the store and this crazy bitch ran a redlight, did an illegal u-turn, came across 2 lanes of traffic, and ran us off the road!!  Of course we chased her down to where she was going, and her excuse was that she just had so much on her mind.  I was like woman how much could you possibly have on your mind that you ran us off the road with kids in the car.  I said, "The fact that your like 40yrs old is the only thing that is keeping me from whooping your ass, so you need to have that on your mind for the rest of the day".  I was livid!!!  I soooo wanted to rip her out of that brand new red lexus she was driving and beat her to a pulp up against it.  I mean it was almost like she did it on purpose.  She was paying absolutely no attention!!  If we hadnt reacted as quickly as we did, she would have smacked the crap out of the drivers side of the car.  Ohhh I didnt calm down from that for quite a while...  Yesterday was running around to.  I basically had no rest all week or weekend...  I'm tired as I can possibly b, sitting here @ wrk & trying to hold my eyes open is not very easy.  I have already had a cup of coffee and I know that if I drink any more I will be like a rabbit on crack, and that is not a good feeling, hahahahaha!!  So, Since I am doing everything I can to stay awake I figured that I would update my blog.  I had been doing the whole mobile thing, and apparently nothing that I had wrote posted.  That really erks me to because I had some amazing spur of the moment poetry, and now it's lost because the blogger mobile system apparently sux!!  I don't have internet @ home, so I was posting that way...  It's not fair :-(  Those things that I posted were really important to me...  Oh well, Thats the way the cookie crumbles as usual, in my life anyways, lol!!  Nothing every goes right...  Seems like the harder you try the more it screws up..  But, whatever, keep trying..  life goes on!!  So, update on the Mikey situation...  Which I had already done, but It did not post...  He is still a drunk POS...  He is living on my parents property because he had threatened to blow up my house and everything...  My dad dragged him over there because he said it would give me more peace and still help the idiots poor sweet momma out...  But, now he is paid off, I owe the POS nothing...  He is driving my daddy crazy and my daddy is about to get rid of his POS self...  Daddy is sick of his drunk, lazy crap...  same mess I was putting up with...  I just dont see how someone can live so care free off ppl and not even care of have any sort of respect for them!!  Rick whooped his ass back in August, and we are waiting til he is off my parents property and Ricky is gonna get him again...  He has been going around running his mouth and all kinds of shit..  He was told time and time again to stay away from our kids, and still hasnt..  He flips us off when he passes us on the rd...  He does this all for spite because he know that my daddy told us that while he was on that property we had to leave him alone because he didnt want any drama over there.  Seriously... not being able to get someone that threatened your life and the life of your children, is just not fair!!  The cops did absolutely nothing...  This POS threatened to blow up my house with me and the kids in it, numerous times...  He also threatened to blow his own mothers brains out, but yet he is still walking around free and fine...  He is at my dad's because my daddy feels that he can control the situation and keep me out of jail because he knows what i will do to this POS!!  He just dont know...  When He finally gets this POS off his land, which should b in the next month or so, It is onnnnnn!!!  My daddy is still trying to help this boys mother out, but yet his mother is doing nothing to help out my daddy & that bitch is loaded....  But what the hell ever!!  It's almost over with!!!  This entire situation has made this the longest year of my life and I am so freaking over it!!  I have never truely hated someone... But, I absolutely HATE this POS!!  I wish that I could take the time and describe everything that has gone on, because it goes wayyy beyond what I have written, but I dont have that kind of time.. We were the only friends that ever stuck by this guy for 10 yrs and then he betrayed us!!  And that betrayal and drama has turned into hate and loathing.  It will be all over soon and I will never have to deal with him again...  If i pass him on the rd I can just go on about my business happily as can be because I will know that he is out of my life and I wont even have to care.  Ugh!!  Ok, this is enough of my rambling...  Just wanted to update... 

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