Saturday, July 16, 2011

UPDATE FOR 7/17/11

Ok, so...  We are finally moved in our new place!!  Woo Hoo!!  Now, if I could get rid of all the drama that involes the POS that we are buying it from, it would be all good!!  I can't wait to get that bastard paid off and out of my life!!!  See, we are allowing him to live on our property in a camper until he is paid off...  I am paying his fucking bills and I have to look at his little sardine can everytime I walk out my front door!!  He is a drunk, jobless piece of shit that needs to get the fuck up out of my life before I flip for real!!  I mean seriously, the drama that comes with this guy is unfucking real!!!  He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and threw a fit with his momma and daddy everytime something didn't go his way, oh and with his ex wife to, and he thinks he can do this with me to...  I go news for you budreau, I am not ya momma, not ya daddy, and sure nuff not ur wife!!  I don't deal well with fit throwing!!  My own husband doesnt throw lil fits with me because he knows I can throw a bigger one, that usually includes throwing objects, not just a fit....  I'm biting my tounge and trying to be nice, but its just really hard when you are supporting someone that dont give a shit about anything but himself.  I mean, this guy has 3 kids and does nothing at all for them because he wants to hurt his ex wife...  he drinks all day everyday, and gets so drunk that he cant remember knocking on my door at 330 in the am and waking me up when I had to be up for wrk at 530!!  UGH!!!  IDK, you know, I thought that once we got the trailer moved and got moved in and everything things would start looking up, but we have just piled more shit on top of us by moving him onto our property as well....  we were just trying to help him out but it is biting us in the ass!!!  IDK!!  BLAH!! 

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