Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Busy....

I haven't had the chance to Blog in a REALLY long time!!  I've been working my butt off!!  As a matter of fact, I'm @ wrk now...  Shhhhhh, don't tell any1 ;)  So, I started this job on 8/23, and I absolutely love it!!  I am working as a Unit Secrtary in an ICU unit at a local hospital.  Getting my feet wet while I am still in school so that all I have to do is move up, not look for a job =)  So, anyways...  I did a job spell that was amazing the night before my interview...  and honestly I didn't have a chance in getting this job in my opinion.  There were 150 applicants, and they picked me =)  I believe that it was the goddess that intervened and got me this job =)  I will post the spell that I wrote for it when I get the tme to actually do something other than work!!  I bought a new TV with this paycheck...  It felt so good to have money to spend!!!  After being out of work for 2 1/2 years, it feels soooo damn good to be back in the job world.  I miss the kids, but I am loving my new job.  Even though I am so freakin tired, lol!!  I get up @ 5am every morning, get to wrk by 6:15...  I get off @ 7, make it home by 7:45, eat, take a bath, and go my tired ass to bed!!!  Everything is suffering, from my laundry to my facebook, hahahaha...  But, my family is going stronger beause they are not lacking as much as before I got my job.  You know, I always said that I would not support my dead-beat husband again, but you know what...  I refuse to be broke and I refuse to be alone, so it is what it is...  You live and you learn, and you love, even if you do know better than to love the person that is terrible for you.  But, I would rather have a warm body in my bed, and my children with their daddy then nothing at all...  I guess I can just keep wishing and hoping that he will get a job and grow the fuck up!!  He uses his health as an excuse, but get serious!!  My daddy is in horrible health and works his ass off everyday, and is 30yrs older than my husband...  I wish he would learn from example from watching my daddy, but its too far gone!!  Ugh, this was supposed to be a good blog about hw wonderful my new job is and it ended up being a rant about a dead-bead husband.  Oh well, lol!!  At least I feel better about his pos ass now that I got that off my chest!!  Apparently it needed to be said, lol!!!  Peace out ppls....  Promise I'll post that spell when I get the chance =)

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