Sunday, July 18, 2010

Entry 6/4/2010

I am throwing this into the universe tonight...  I will myself to dream!!

Tarot on my dreams:

Give me insight on my dreams.
Star Spread

Cards that fell out:  King of Cups-- master your emotions to be the visionary
                             The High Priestess (reversed) -- uncertainty

Cards in layout:  1. 2 of Cups
                         2. Princess of Wands (reversed)
                         3. King of Wands (reversed)
                         4. 6 of Wands
                         5. 10 of Wands
                         6. 7 of Swords
                         7. King of Wands

Interpretation:  Laugh, Love, define goals, Avoid Distractions, pace yourself, get rid of negativity, don't be a show off, master emotions, anxiety and worries...

I so get this!!  Define my goal to dream...  Dont be distracted by my wants, I am digging too deep because I want it so bad.  That is where the master my emotions comes into play.  And I have been axious and worrying about this...  This makes me feel better!!

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